Mental Health Services


Mental health services are needed by people with a wide range of conditions, from anxiety and depression to substance use disorders. These conditions have high social and economic costs. Treatment is often difficult to access and requires a significant commitment of time, energy and money.
Primary care physicians can play an important role in enhancing patients’ mental health by providing sensitivity skills, therapeutic support, and referral to mental health specialists. In addition to the basic medical and psychological knowledge physicians need for their own health, they also need training in recognizing serious psychiatric disorders and learning about community resources for treatment.
Meridian HealthCare physician can help patients understand their illness and find the best treatment options, including medication or psychotherapy. There are many different types of mental health services, such as outpatient and residential treatment programs.
The right mental health service can make a difference in the quality of your life and that of those around you. This can include assisting with your financial and housing situations, helping you cope with a divorce, educating your children about mental health issues, or even offering you emotional support while you’re in the hospital.
Inpatient and residential mental health services require a longer commitment of time, energy and money. However, they provide patients with more intensive and comprehensive care than outpatient services. They can be a good choice for individuals who have complex mental health problems or for those who have been in treatment for a long time and need more care than outpatient services can provide.
Residential mental health programs are a type of treatment that involves living in a facility that provides medical, psychological and social care. These programs often offer a combination of therapies, such as psychiatric medications and outpatient medical management.
These programs are especially beneficial for those who have a history of substance abuse or a mental health condition. This can help them get more out of their treatment and prevent their mental health from deteriorating.
Other types of mental health services include outpatient treatment, which can be provided in a variety of settings, such as a therapist’s office or a community center. These services can be offered by private or government-funded organizations.
Counselors are trained to provide support for mental health issues and can help you cope with your illness or injury. They can also help you develop coping skills.
The Internet is an excellent resource for finding a mental health counselor. You can search for counselors by name or location. You can also search for counselors by type of therapy, such as individual, group or family counseling.
You can also ask your doctor for a list of providers that specialize in Mental Health Counseling services. Most health insurance companies have a list of covered providers on their websites.
Some companies have employee assistance programs (EAP) that can provide services for employees who need help dealing with a mental health issue. These programs can also provide referrals to other local or national mental health resources.

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